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Must Read: Determining a Woman's Virginity? Shocking Truth Revealed!

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Many people have observed that the youth of this generation is far different from the young people 30-40 years from now. From the lifestyle, fashion, hobbies and points of view, this generation is more liberated.

Speaking about points of view, the principle of sexual intimacy has changed over the years. It is greatly observed through the increasing percentage of teenage pregnancies and pre-marital intercourse. Also, the significance of being pure and virgin before marriage has not been considered that much nowadays.

For some men, being a virgin is still important. That's why they have certain ways to determine if a girl is still chaste. The most rampant myth is the gap between the upper leg. They say that, if there is a gap in between the girl's legs, she is likely to be experienced, but if there's none, she is still untouched.

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Studies say that the popular myth doesn't have a scientific basis. According to researchers, it's rooted way back 2012, when news coverage highlighted the thigh gap of models in Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. As it becomes famous, certain comments and blogs were posted until it was linked to virginity.

So, do not judge a girl with a 'thigh gap.' It is one of the rampant examples of "looks can be deceiving." There is no proper way to check, but to court the girl and marry her.

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Sources: Wiki / CrackerDaily


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  1. the best way to know if a girl is still virgin is to ask her it doesn't mean that you are a pervert just ask him seriously and nicely if a girl really trust you she will tell you the truth taht is the best way. thank you

    1. It seems like it was that easy for you.

  2. How can you explained a children at the age of four above having a thigh gap. Mostly those are thin and slim body. I've not seen a thigh gap to a fatty people. What principles and theory rather can explained this issue.




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