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Look: A Dog was Allegedly Maltreated in a Pet Shop While Being Groomed?

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Dog is man's best friend. It has a certain instinct in connecting to human being. That's exactly why it is the most common pet in the household. A lot of dog lovers spend a lot just to pamper their pet. From grooming, to the food and veterinary consultation, owners really  have to pay out an enormous amount. Aside from that, the whole responsibility is huge.

People might wonder why certain dog owners don't mind spending a fortune. You might know the answer if you have your own dog. The satisfaction that you can get when your pet becomes excited seeing you after a tiring day is awesome. The attachment is bizarre. That might be the reason why an owner really becomes melancholic if his dog is maltreated.

One Facebook user raged out her emotions when an attendant in a pet shop allegedly cuts the tongue of her dog.

Image from: Nathalie Dylan
Image from: Nathalie Dylan
Nathalie Dylan specifically mentioned Animal House SM Bicutan branch. She said that the service must be 'grooming,' but the terrible scenario happened. As a consolation to the awful experience, the pet shop offered the service of the in-house vet for free consultation but they were asked to pay the medicine. Chiqui Caedo Zuniga, the owner, stated that the groomer was not aware of it.

Image from: TNP

It was such a stressful moment for the dog. I couldn't just imagine how painful it is. Share your thoughts about this. :)

This site is open for statements from persons and entities involved.

Sources: WhenInManila / TNP / Facebook


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