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Leaked Footage of the Amusement Park Accident that Killed 1 Girl Now Viral on Social Media!

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This video will surely blow your mind. The Aladdin Amusement park is one of the famous entertaining Parks in Rashid Minhas Rd, Karachi, Pakistan. Many tourists are really fascinated in navigating this place as they have great extreme rides to enjoy.

One of their extreme rides is the “Evolution” ride. But just recently, this extreme ride is also the reason why one tourist ends her life after accidentally fell from this moving fast and high ride.

This horrible accident happens after the safety belt of this passenger got loose that causes her to slide on the seat and fell. This tragic incident caught much of the attention of the people around the world as this kind of ride can find in different countries. Watch this leaked Footage of the said accident:

Always remember to follow the safety guide of the staff for the management of any place like this whenever you are assisted by them and always double check properly, your assign spot, and if you find something strange or different from it kindly immediately inform the staff before they could proceed.

Source: Buffoon Tribune


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