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Huge Snake Suddenly Came Out of the Toilet Bowl and Bites the Private Part of this Man!

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Each and Every one of us usually uses public or private comfort rooms. We are all aware that neatness is very important to any individual, especially when it comes to the toilet bowl. The study reveals that using toilet bowl can be the source of getting some diseases that's why it is always advised to flush the toilet bowl first before using it.

But one Netizen put the public in a very alarming situation; Jon-Jon Joson is a Facebook user who posted his terrifying toilet experiences. He couldn’t believe that a snake came out of their toilet bowl which suddenly bit him. 

Image Credit: Jon-Jon Joson
According to Joson, he just normally sat to this toilet bowl, but he became very sick after he felt the pain on his private body part, then the blood runs down into his legs. And when he checked it out, a huge head of a snake appeared. He immediately asked for help but had time to take a picture of it.

Image Credit: Jon-Jon Joson
He would like to share his experience to warn the public in using comfort rooms, he advised the people to always flush and check their toilet bowl before using it to avoid the same situation to happen. 

Source: Jon-Jon Joson


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