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How Can You Identify That You Encountered A Ghost?

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Ghosts, in general, are souls of a dead person which can be seen or felt by living people. They usually appear to the people related to them for a visit, meant for comforting and sometimes their presence is somewhat restless due to some circumstances. Most of us are being frightened by these creatures because there are ghosts that do not look good or just be felt that we experienced goosebumps.

Have you encountered ghosts? There are indications to tell you that their presence is real.

At first, you may become uncomfortable as if someone is looking at you, but when you check the surroundings, there is none. In addition, you will feel a sudden cold in your body and lastly to convince yourself that it is really a ghost, you may see an unusual image of a human or an animal.

Below is a checklist of other signs that you really encountered a ghost:

Someone Calls Your Name
If someone calls your name and no one is there, probably the ghost tries to connect or communicate with you, regardless of the ghost's intention.

A Howling Dog
Dogs have the power to sense unusual presence in the environment that humans do not. Dogs, typically, are guards in your house so if your pet barks and no one is approaching, maybe a ghost is having a visit to your territory.

An Unusual Fragrance
You may encounter an odor that is rare and unusual from nowhere and it will fade right away.

Blinking Lights
Considering that light bulbs are not defective and flow of electricity is in constant, flickering light is another sign of a spirit.

That Gust Of Wind
Suddenly, a wind at rush in a short span of time that you may feel its coldness and you may have goosebumps too.

Breathing On Your Shoulder
A heavy feeling in your shoulder that is somewhat breathing is a rare sign due to the fact that ghosts are not alive, therefore not breathing.

The Sound Of A Tap
Uncommon footsteps and sound of leg chains are something you have to pay attention, though not frequently. A music that you do not know the source, when no one is around could be a sign of their presence.


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