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He Supported Her GF All the Way to Success, But what She Did in Return Broke His Whole Heart!

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When your partner is having problems and she needs companionship, all you wanted to do is to stay by her side and make her smile, even if you have a very busy and stressful day on your job. A guy who treats his woman with this kind of love tend to have a powerful mindset and a very strong relationship with his partner.

But this isn't what happened to Jayson Dale, who lives with his partner Janet Faustino in Cabanatuan City for years. But little did he know, there are things happening in their relationship which are hidden for some sort of agenda.

Read his story and feel the wrath of his post on Facebook:

Screenshot from: Jayson Dale

Jayson claimed that Janet used him as a ticket to get overseas. He also said in his post that it was all part of a plan for her and her lover to be together without anyone interfering on their secret affair.

This Screenshot Photo shows Janet with her alleged lover:

Image Credit: Jayson Dale
Things like these are hard to take and forget, but just like what everyone's been saying, Time heals all wounds, all you have to do is accept the past and reach out for the future.

Source: Jayson Dale


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