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Girl Who Allegedly Used Her Boyfriend to Go Abroad Speaks Out Her Side of the Story!

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A story about an ex-couple immediately spread through social media, which gained a lot of attention from the Netizens.

Jayson Dale, who claims that his ex-girlfriend Janet used him as a ticket to get overseas and also said in his post that it was all planned so no one could interfere on their alleged secret affair became one of the trending topics on the internet.

Now, the accused girl named Janet Faustino speaks out her experience and defends herself from these allegations.
Read her side of the story:

Screenshot From: Janet Faustino

She said in her post on Facebook that she's having a hard time dealing with Jayson's family. She also claims that she's paying for all the debts that she had on the family of her ex-boyfriend who gave her an opportunity to work abroad. Janet even stated that Jason's stepmom's Japanese boyfriend were beating them all up for no reason.

The question is, What was the business of Jayson's family? Why did Janet call it Monkey Business?

Source: Janet Faustino


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