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Disturbing Video of a Girl Who was Put inside a Plastic to be Suffocated by Using a Vacuum!

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Another terrifying activity is now circulating online, a Japanese girl who had been placed inside an air vacuumed plastic bag and watch how she gets suffocated. 

According to some source, Japanese is doing this to fulfill their fetish; the unusual excitement that they can feel whenever they are watching those girls inside a plastic bag increases their desire in having sexual intercourse. 

Many Netizens are totally shocked after seeing his video. Another thing that bothers them is the guys who are just taking pictures and video of the whole scene. It’s seems like they are torturing her to death. 

This kind of activity is an agreement for the purpose of money. They are paying those girls who are accepting this challenge; they will do this thing before or after the sexual intercourse. Watch how horrible this mind blowing activity is. Warning: The following film contains scenes of a disturbing nature, Viewer's Discretion is advised!

Source: Wanna Scare


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