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Actual Footage of Principal Making Out with His Secretary Leaked on Social Media!

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A school principal has resigned after he was caught on a student's phone video camera passionately kissing the school secretary. Stephen McClenning stood down from The Scholars Academy in Quartzside, Arizona, after the two-and-a-half minute footage of the steamy encounter was leaked online. His secretary was fired after a 16 year old Myranda Garber busted the couple, both reportedly married to other people, during school time.

Myranda said: 'At first we could only see their legs, but they were obviously doing something. I got my phone out to angle it to see their bodies.' The video, which was posted onto YouTube, but later taken down, has forced Myranda to pull out of the school by her parent. The parent said: 'This is totally uncalled for. They're supposed to be role models for our students there. This is on school campus, with our children present, while they are there, while these two are being paid.' Another parent added: 'They are supposed to be educating our children.'

The principal and the secretary, who has not been officially named, but is believed locally to be called Billie Madewell, have not commented. The parents said that the pair both have children with their respective spouses Watch this Full Report:

Source: Daily Mail 

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