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A Video Of A Possessed Girl After Taking Selfie In The Backyard Of Their Campus!

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Students of San Fernando, La Union were allegedly possessed by bad spirits.

According to Josephine (not the real name), one of the five students possessed by bad spirits, while they were cleaning at the backyard of their school, they decided to take "selfie" and jump shots. After the activity, they felt dizzy.

Alfie Apolinar, their class adviser, said that his students experienced dizziness and stomach pain. He also witnessed how the students became stiff, as one of them was laid on the table and rubbed some salt.

The time after Josephine became conscious, she was afraid that she kept on pointing at the tree outside of their classroom because she was seeing a guy with dark skin and red eyes.

According to the folk healer who performed a ritual in the area, mythical creatures "kapre" (local term for tall, dark and muscular creature characterized as a giant tree) and "lamang-lupa" or "nuno sa punso" (the local term for an old man on the mound) who live beside the old duhat tree were disturbed. In addition, the students accidentally stepped the mound and killed one of them resulting to a revenge made by their queen.

The alleged possession continued at home as the video exclusively caught the act of one of the students named Emily (not the real name). Emily's parents said that while her daughter was possessed, she kept on saying that they need to bury the cell phone they used in doing selfie.

Parents of the students offer a doll girl, candle, food and liquor as requested by the creatures.

According to Dr. Estrella Tiongson-Magno, a clinical psychologist, she thought that possession is a hysterical reaction which needs attention and admiration due to over active imagination.

The church calls the attention of people to pray continually in order to defeat the darkness to save people who are possessed. As Father Manuel Rachel said, "... the best weapon for us is prayer."


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