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A Video Of Mystica Together With Her Very Young Boyfriend Goes Viral On Social Media!

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Mystica and Troy Mendez's relationship seems like not acceptable by the people, when they started dating and eventually got married. Besides on their relationship, the couple is also famous on video scandals which is, again, circling online.
Let's have a recap on how they met. As we all know, Mystica (Real name Ruby Rose Villanueva) is a singer known in her splitting technique while performing. Aside from being a performer, she also handles talents such as a girl group named Mystic Angels and a band named Mysticos. Troy Mendez (Real name Edwin Nuas a.k.a. Kid Mendez) was one of his talents.

The manager-talent relationship was getting deeper and became partners and got married last April 15, 2013 held at Aberdeen Court, Great Eastern Hotel in Quezon City

Their relationship and marriage caught so much attention of the people due to big age gap (22 years) and there were times that they received negative feedbacks. Despite of those negativities from their bashers, they just ignored it because they believe that they are fated with each other.

Image from: ChosenTrends
"Age does not matter. Everyone deserves love. Regardless."

Source: ChosenTrends


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