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A Video Of An Amazing Performance Of A Homeless Man in Korea's Got Talent!

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Korea's Got Talent contestant Choi Sung-bong made the judges amazed because of his unexpected performance on the stage. Behind his talent was a sad story.   

He has been an orphan since five years old. He decided to leave the orphanage and live alone because he was not treated well. In the span of ten years, he stays along the streets and used to sleep on the stairs. 

To earn for a living, he sells energy drinks and gums in the street. In addition to the story, he never got a chance to go to school so he decided to take GED tests to advance into high school. 

His skill in singing also helps to support himself, that is why at the time he sings on the stage, the judges felt more emotional in tears.

Watch the video below:

Source: TNP


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