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A Lady Took a Selfie with a Real Ghost Behind was Captured on Video!

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Because of modern technology, people now have easy access to taking pictures and capturing a scene on videos. The development of this innovation has rapidly increased as the years go by. The power of a camera phone can instantly transform an ordinary person to a journalist, a model or an online sensation. The word 'selfie' has been made because of this useful technology as well.

It might be a different and terrifying story for this girl. We have seen several pictures and videos that claim being scary, but in the end we realize they are edited. However, this video is very convincing. A woman was just trying to take a selfie with her cat, but a very horrifying scene happened. Then, a suspicious entity suddenly appeared and everything was goosebumps.

Brace yourself for this video:

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Source: YouTube / Viddsee


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