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14-Year-Old Girl Student Kidnapped and Raped Twice by Her Textmate!

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One 14 year old girl student from Pangasinan was kidnapped and raped by one construction worker. According to the interview with the parents of the victim named Gwen from the report of GMA7 News, Gwen just asked permission to go school to finish her clearance and promised not to stay there for too long.

When she still not home during that late afternoon, they started to worry and tried to contact her phone but it was already unattended. They immediately went to her school, but they failed to find her there. The next early morning, the authority in their city found her in one street walking while crying.

According to the victim Gwen she was kidnapped by one construction worker guy and forced her to board in his motorcycle. Then, this guy brought her to one house and confined her for a whole day. The worst case happened is when she was raped twice by this man named Roger Caranto. She just got the chance to escape when the suspect fell asleep.

Now, the police authority already caught this guy and jailed, but according to the statement of the suspect, he didn’t rape her because they are both text mate for a long time.

The police authorities warned the public, especially for parents to double monitor their children to avoid this case happen again.

Source: GMA News


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