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Watch How These Boys Put Netizens in Rage After Doing this During 'Penitensya'!

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Lent is a season of grief that necessarily ends with a great celebration of Easter. Thus, it is known in Eastern Orthodox circles as the season of "Bright Sadness." As a tradition, people are participating in different Lenten activities even joining some act of penitence.

 But it seems that there's another video which enraged the Netizens, The brutal act of penitence made by these kids. At first, it was like a ‘mob’ of people running in the streets, but when the video ended, many netizens were appalled, especially Catholic devotees because the children are seemed to be ‘living’ what those persecutors of Jesus centuries ago had done before.

These children seemed to forget the true meaning of this season. They participated in the event without even trying to reflect on what Jesus has undergone during His time. Many netizens gave negative feedbacks because of the unbearable things that they did. Warning! This video contains Graphic Content that some may find disturbing:

Penitence Its more Fun in the Philippines [SHARE]
Penitence Its more Fun in the Philippines [SHARE]Ano to bakit ganito ? akala ko riot haha~MB
Posted by Master Beyts on Saturday, March 26, 2016

Everyone could show how much they praise God, We can get closer to him even without all these revolting acts.

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