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Viral: Headless Security Guard Caught on Tape! CREEPY!

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One student from Central Luzon State University named Ivan Mendoza and with his cousins witnessed a creepy scene on their way home. According to him, they noticed an alive security guard from a bank that has no head.

Ivan said that when he first saw this security guard, he thought that his sight was just a bit blurry, when he told his cousins, they also couldn’t believe what’s happening at that time. He tried to film it so they could zoom in to make sure that this security guard has no head.

When they realized that everything is real, they refused to think other things and just immediately left the area. Ivan Mendoza uploaded the video yesterday and its now giving rounds the social media, Watch how creepy that experience is.

Nung una akala ko malabo lang mata ko dahil parang may mali sa BPI... Pati mga pinsan ko ayaw maniwala sakin nung unang beses kong sinabi ...Pero nung kinuhanan ko na ng video para mazoom. Yun talaga eh di nalang namin pinansin.. kayo na po humusga... Zoom in nyo rin po ...😐
Posted by Ivan Mendoza on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Source: Ivan Mendoza


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  1. that's kind of weird..but it's obviously fake.his head was in behind.duhh!!make sense sometimes to make your videos the way it is nice knowing yahh seems like fake..

  2. footage is real there's no doubt, but the thing that's bothering me is the way he uses his fan which passes through the supposed position of the head emphasizing that he really is seemed headless. It gives that satirical/ intentional vibe. In other words, planado to. And torso is a bit bigger than usual, parang ung gamit ng mga magician na falling head trick

  3. nakasandal ung guard..ano b kyo? me multo b nmang magpapaypay? ngek

  4. As you can see, mayroong guard table, at nasa likod c manong guard ng table. Lahat ng bangko may ganoong table. naka tagilid kc ang kuha or naka 45degree yung kuha sa subject kya natakpan ang ulo niya




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