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VIRAL: A Dead Woman Asked For Netizens To Help Her Find Her Killer!

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A Facebook page has lately created to locate the alleged suspect in the killing of a woman named Jhoy Mercado. The page was named "Justice for Jhoy Mercado - Edgel Durolfo". 

Sources claimed that the woman was rushed to the hospital with bruises and wounds on her face and body. Durolfo works as a VIP host or a hotel manager in Solaire, Aseana Boulevard. She attained bruises and lesions, which could have led to internal bleeding and eventually comatose.

The incident happened at around 4 AM at Room 812 of the Sky Tower of the same hotel. Rodney Ynchausti, her boyfriend, was the one who brought her to the hospital. However, he decided to leave her there without any notice. 

This is the reason why the police are now haunting him. People thought that maybe it was Jhoy who posted the photo of her with her boyfriend, but that's impossible because she already passed away.

The motives were still unknown about the said torture and beating from the live-in partner and three other suspects. They were recognized by the victim’s sibling when the suspects handed Durolfo over to her family. As of the moment, the police have an ongoing follow-up operation. They are in the hunt for to find the suspects Rodney Ynchausti, victim’s live-in partner, Pau Egoc, Molo Hwang and Beah Lim.

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