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This Guy Seduced This Hot Girl while Someone Else was in The Same Room! Watch Here To See What Happened Next!

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People love to play pranks and jokes with each other but what happens when your significant otherpulls a joke on you so weird, you don't know how to react. This is what happened to Kate, a girl who was pranked by her boyfriend

The video was uploaded on YouTube by ‘Whealth by Slaiman’ and according to him, he wanted to be “spontaneous with Kate, and seduce her in the most random moment!” 

They stayed over at his friend’s house, Charlie, and he invited his girlfriend over. “Basically, I’ve got an idea for a little prank to pull on her… I thought it would be really, really good for her to pull it tonight at Charlie’s place. Hopefully, she won’t be suspecting anything and I’d get an awesome reaction out of her!” 

He set up the camera right in front of a sofa bed, where he knew that Kate would sit. “Charlie’s gonna be getting ready and I’m gonna be having a little fun with Kate,” he said to the viewers. 

Minutes later, Kate appeared and as expected, she sat on the sofa. The guy began and complimented her appearance. 

“Wow, you look very, very nice,” he said to her.

She replied, thanks but said that she was just “wearing normal clothes.” The guy persisted and became touchy, to which Kate replied that he was acting “weird.” 

Seconds later and both of them sat on the sofa, where the guy caressed her knee in a repeated manner. Charlie emerged and he quickly withdrew his hand from her leg. 

When Charlie was out of the scene, Kate looked at her boyfriend and asked, “What the hell was that, are you in preschool?”

Which he only replied, “Kate, we can’t! Ssssh!” in a seemingly childlike tone. 

He then told her that he put on perfume and let Kate smelled his neck. She did, but he insisted that she leaned in closer. 

“Smell it again,” he said in a breathy voice. 

By this time, Kate was already confused and definitely sensed that something was off with her boyfriend. 

See her whole reaction below! 

What do you think? If you were in Kate’s shoes, what would you do? How would you react to your boyfriend’s “prank”? 

Tell us what you think below! 

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