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This 'Bebe Boy' Contestant Was Shocked To Find His Ex-GF Watching From the Audience!

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Fate has a funny sense of humor as this ‘Bebe Boy’ contestant on ABS-CBN’s It’s Showtime,” found out.

Kim, the contestant, was just telling the hosts of the noontime show about his last relationship before the start of the viral video.

But he was in for a surprise while performing on stage.

Kim was completely shocked and was speechless when he saw that his ex-girlfriend was in the Showtime audience area!

Apparently the two former lovers had no idea that they were both going to attend the show. The crowd absolutely ate up the funny and awkward coincidence - ‘kilig’ feelings swept through the entire audience. 

Even host, comedian Vice Ganda couldn’t help but feel chills when he went up to meet the contestant’s ex-girlfriend in the audience area.

When Vice interviewed the ex-girlfriend, she revealed that the two are actually on good terms after their breakup.

She said she was happy that her ex is now pursuing what he loves to do.

Vice asked her if she had a new boyfriend in her life. She said yes.

Host Vhong Navarro then asked the contestant if he had another lady waiting for him. Unfortunately, he had no such luck. 

Vice had asked Kim if his being single was his choice or because he was still hung up on his ex-lover. He said that it was his choice, although he looked rather bashful when asked the personal question.

Kim then risked making the situation a bit more awkward by going up to the audience section to deliver his parting message to his former love.  

Still, the girl seemed to have moved on from their relationship.

Ganun talaga Kim. That’s just how life is.

Watch what happens when two former lovers meet again on the Showtime stage!

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