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Suicide or Murdered? Man Allegedly Burned Alive!

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Zamboanga- A man discovered by villagers leaning on one of the trees somewhere in the forest of Abong Abong Layuhan. Out of curiosity, everyone went to the crime scene and captured some photos for them to be examined.

And here is a video that was uploaded on Facebook by Izza Marie Limbang stating that The incident happened on March 23, 2016 wherein a dead adult male was found in Zamboanga with a serious burn degree. It puzzled everyone after seeing the unrecognizable body which made controversy throughout the Social Media.

The arguments had been made between those who believed that it was a suicide and those who see it as a Murder case. Some can't even state their opinion because the body was severely burned with a slightly dislocated jaw.

Watch this video and see it for yourself:

Kahapon sa Abong-abong Luyahan. 󾌣
Posted by Izza Marie Limbang Aquino on Thursday, March 24, 2016

Police authorities arrived at the crime scene to investigate what could possibly the reasons for the death of the awful man.

Source: Izza Marie Limbang Aquino


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