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BEWARE: Single Moms, Beware! Never Date This Guy Or You Will Regret It!

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Myles Tan, Milo U, Myles Uy. These are just some of the aliases that con man Myles Uy Tan uses of social media dating apps like Tinder. 

And if you have swiped right and already dated him, chances are he owes you money.

According to a report by TV Patrol, Myles Tan was arrested after some of his lady victims worked together with the police to get him in an entrapment operation.

His modus operandi: making females, especially successful single moms, fall in love with him. 

"He charms everybody in your house, especially your child. Of course, being a single mom, I'm looking for the perfect guy for my son to be my husband, to be my partner. And he did that," said one of his victims.

After he has earned a woman's trust and affection, he starts borrowing valuables like gadgets or loaning thousands of cash, then disappears.

On one occasion, Tan was able to scam a staggering P175,000 from one of his victims.  

After he gets what he wants, he blocks any communication from his victims and makes the most outrageous excuses to bail out.

One of his victims said he claimed to have been 'kidnapped' which why he can't show up to pay his debts.

After his arrest, the ladies found out that he has already been married thrice and already has multiple pending criminal charges pending. He has neither denied nor admitted to any of the allegations.

Now that he is behind bars, the ladies he has scammed are urging other victims to come out and file their complaints to lock this guy up for good.

Watch the full report here: 

Do you know Myles Tan? What kind punishment should he get for his crimes? Share your opinion in the comments below! 

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