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Shocking: An Incredible Woman Gave Birth on Her Own and on Her Feet!

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One of the most vital essence of being a woman is to give birth. Men are equally important in the process, but it's really the ladies who play the hardest role. From the uneasy feeling and mood swings during the first few weeks, up to the laboring stage - women bet their lives for the continuity of humanity.

There are a lot of available ways to deliver a baby. Aside from the normal and cesarean processes, there are also other ways. There are mothers who tried to do it in the water. According to them, it has lesser pain. But these two women shown on the video below had their own technique. They are so brave to deliver their babies alone, literally, without any assistance from a midwife or a doctor. You will be shocked and amazed as they valiantly bring their babies to life in the most unique way.

Brace yourself as you watch this video:

This act is heroic but very risky, both to the mother and the child. Their lives might be at stake with one wrong move. The reason behind this video is not clear, nevertheless, safety must always be prioritized.

Share you experiences below about giving birth or having a baby. We would love to hear it from you. :)

Source: TNP


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