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She Got Pregnant and Her Boyfriend Did Something That Breaks Her Heart!

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Every couple starts with a passionate love story. Heather came from Scotland and Adonis was a native of the Dominican Republic. They met in there as entertainers in a tourist resort where Heather is a dancer and Adonis is a service crew. 

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They had been together for more than a year when Heather got pregnant. She decided to go back to Scotland to give birth while Adonis will stay in the Dominican Republic due to difficulties in acquiring a visa.

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Heather thought that everything is going to be fine, but upon her delivery, her friend messaged her with a Facebook picture of Adonis with another woman. They seemed happily married in their photos. 
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To Heather’s surprise, the woman in the picture is Julia, a German tourist who visited the resort a year before. Julia copied how the Heather looks and she even dyed her hair. When Heather asked Adonis over the phone, he admitted Julia, reasoning he only did it for a visa.

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After giving birth to her only son Diego, Heather returned to the Dominican Republic for her work. She allowed Adonis to visit the baby from time to time. She felt foolish after trusting Adonis and giving her whole heart to him. Ladies, be cautious of your men. A good cheater may show no telltale signs of their on the side endeavors.

Source: Elite Readers

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