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READ: Proper Skin Care Tips to Look Young!

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The skin is the hardest body part to maintain, simply because it covers the whole body. A lot of skin care products and beauty salon offer different kinds of regimen to achieve a fresh youthful skin. Way over the complicated procedures, going back to basics is very important. 

Here are simple but very effective steps in maintaining a healthy skin:

  • - Keep your skin clean and wash your makeup off before sleeping. Massage your face after to improve blood circulation, revive facial muscles and reduce the risk of developing wrinkles.
  • - Do not pop pimples. This will leave your face pimple scars.
  • - Wash your hands regularly. Germs and bacteria on the hands may be transferred to the face and may cause irritation.
  • - Maintain a balanced diet with fruits, veggies, and ample amount of protein meat.
  • - Store your creams in a cool dry place. Placing it in the fridge will give your skin a cooling effect as you apply it on.
  • - Ice cubes on your pimples? That's a myth.
  • - Do not be overwhelmed with beauty products on the market. You may find some natural products in your kitchen. Coconut oil, oatmeal and sugar scrubs to tea treatments can help you achieve healthier and younger looking skin!
  • - Do not use the towel intended to dry your hair, on your face.
  • - Change pillow cases once a week to avoid the growth of bacteria.
  • - Be careful in applying hair care products. Avoid having them in contact with your facial skin as this may cause irritation.
  • - Acne promotes irregularities in your body. Exert extra care on your face and watch out your diet.
  • - Keep your skin hydrated by drinking 8-10 glasses of water, depending on your daily needs.
  • - Make organic food a part of your diet.
  • - Use gentle scrubs in exfoliating skin and in taking dead skin cells away.
  • - Natural skin care products are better than chemical-based.

Enjoy a healthy and younger looking skin with your friends. Share this post. :)

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