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Policeman Caught Smacking One Motorist in the Middle of the Traffic!

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This is what the camera filmed in one busy road of Manila. The video was just sent by one concern family to the Filipino community page. Video is showing how violent a policeman (in Mitsubishi Adventure) to a man in motor carrying many things when they met at the crossing section of the road.

 The identity of the policeman is still unknown but many people are trying to search this officer. Now that the video is trending online many Netizen are giving their reaction to the situation.

It is always not good to use your power or position just to humiliate other people. Please share and like this video until it reaches the concern government officials to make an action to it.

Abusadong pulis, trending ka ngayon pag ibinahagi ang video na ito sa buong FB, sana pag dating sa TV ganito ka din at hindi yung kunwari lang na nagsisisi sa ginawa hahahahaPara sa mga matitinding video at topic, like our page Filipino Community
Posted by Filipino Community on Monday, March 14, 2016

Source: Filipino Community


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