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LOOK: Police Caught This Couple Having a 'Quickie' Inside of SUV!

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A couple's intimate Valentine's Day activity was cut short when police found them having a quickie inside a SUV while parked on a hill.  

With nearby motels and inns fully booked, the two unidentified individuals may have failed to find a more private place to get frisky. 

Seeing the hill as a good, secluded spot, the two took their chances and got busy.  

Sadly the local police were onto them as they were probably monitoring places like this where adventurous lovers might do something inappropriate.

In this video, the two weren't even done putting their pants back on when police apprehended them for doing a sexual act in a public area. 

So if you think spending Valentine's Day alone is as bad as it gets, well, at least you're not spending it in a cold, cold cell like these two.

Watch the video below: 

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