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Placing Cabbage on Breasts and Feet has Impressive Effects

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Since we were kids, our parents would always say that eating vegetables is good for our body. Many studies suggest the same idea as well. In fact, there is an alternative way of treating diseases called herbal medicine, which is basically from vegetables, fruits and some plants.

Green leafy vegetables are just a few of the classes that claim to be rich in nutrients. Cabbage (scientific name Brassica oleracea var. capitata) so to speak, offers a lot of benefits to our health. It is a very reliable source of vitamin C and vitamin K, with more than 20 percent of the Daily Value (DV) for each of these nutrients per serving (right table of USDA nutrient values). The leafy wonder is also a good source of vitamin B6 and folate, with no other nutrients having significant content per 100 gram serving (table) (10–19% DV). Aside from these advantages that we get from cabbage through ingestion, below are some good effects when poulticed on an affected area. It works like a vacuum that sucks the pain and disease out of the body.

1. Swelling due to strain or excessive tensionCabbage is an effective aid to swelling hands or feet when sprained or pained by a hard object. Make it a compress as you go to bed.

2. Thyroid gland issues This vegetable enhances the thyroid to develop better metabolism, hormone production and organ functions in the digestive tract. Wrap a slab of cabbage on your throat, where the thyroid gland is also found. Keep it overnight and you will see the difference if done regularly.

3. HeadachePlace some fresh and clean cabbage on the temple and upper part of your head, using a hat or cap. Your will feel the magic and you will be relieved. Unless your headache recurs and becomes extreme, you may need to consult your doctor right away.

4. Pain from breastfeeding For usual pain due to breastfeeding, you can claim relief by compressing cabbage leaves on your breasts. Amazing trick!

This proves that apart from being a very delicious ingredient on salads, cabbage can offer wonders that many of us will truly be shocked. You may try doing it and share if it's really effective. Type your experiences below. :)

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