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Pinay Nurse Shared Her Experience with Mayor Duterte and Mar Roxas During Yolanda Relief Effort!

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A Filipina nurse from Canada remembered her experience with Mayor Rody Duterte and Mar Roxas during their relief operation for the victims of Typhoon Yolanda way back in 2013. According to the unidentified Pinay nurse who shared her own “My Duterte Story”, she volunteered to help because she does not return to the Philippines for a very long time.

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She said their team arrived in Tacloban on the night of November 10, the disaster area can be compared to the scenes from the movie ‘Resident Evil,’ where there were damaged buildings, dead people in the streets, and survivors seeking for help. After setting up their tent and getting ready to distribute relief goods, there were members of DSWD who came. The DSWD team inspected their packed relief goods, with each pack could last for a week. She said that the DSWD will have re-packed the goods so they will only last for 3 days, noting that the Yolanda survivors will always ask for more. And worst of all, she said the DSWD team replaced the branded medicines with local brands.

Their Canadian team leader got mad because there’s a very specific instruction that the relief goods should be given to the victims directly, and should not pass through any government agency. And as the relief effort went on, the same Canadian team leader noticed an old man helping the victims tirelessly, in every way he can. Later, they learned that the man in blue who just gives orders is then-DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, and the old man who really helped the victims is none other than Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte. Their Canadian team leader told them that the Philippines will be progressive and great again, if Mayor Duterte will be the next president.

Below is the full context of the “My Duterte Story” of the Filipina nurse from Canada.

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Source: People's Call Du30


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