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Paralyzed Man Who Suffered from Stroke Made His Own 'Bionic Arm' Out of Junk!

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If US had Iron Man, Indonesia also had one. Although not as Tony Stark which financed huge funds, but the simple man from Bali with all its limitations is able to create a hydraulic robot arm like the Iron Man.

Image Credit: BBC News
This man is Wayan Sumardana Sutawan alias Tawan (31), from Banjar Tauman, Nyuhtebel village, Bali. He was labelled by local residents as a robot human. He is able to design their own robots which paralyzed his left hand drive in order to work for a living to support his family. His illness was started six months ago when doctors said he suffered a mild stroke and make paralyzed his left hand. Doctors also quite stunned, because his cholesterol and blood pressure are all normal.

Being in paralyzed conditions had made him stress because His wife does not work, while his son is still small. However, he tried to get up and he uses his knowledge about electronics. He searched for information on internet sites or similar tool to design a robot that could help move his left hand.

These are the photos taken from the interview with BBC News:

Image Credit: BBC News
Image Credit: BBC News
Image Credit: BBC News
''The tool is not perfect, but is tolerable helped me. Without these tools I am completely unable to work using the left hand. However, with this arm robot I was able to load heavy materials too. With this tool, its power is much greater. 'Using this robot, signal drained my brain. I have to think of concentration or focus on any object that would be taken or what to do. If you do not focus, must trouble. So it is necessary to focus the brain to instruct the robot,'' he said.

Watch his full Interview from BBC News:

Source: BBC News


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