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MUST READ: Eight-year old Girl died after Marrying a 40-year old man!

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It was a tragic ending for a young lady from Yemen who married a 40-year old man. The night after their wedding, the girl died due to internal bleeding. The news became widespread after an English media outlet reported it which led to a debate about young brides. A Kuwaiti daily newspaper said that the girl named Rawan suffered hemorrhage linked to vaginal stress.

Security officials in Haradh tried to cover up the truth and warned local journalist not to divulge any information. However, two residents from Meedi got in touch with Reuters and verified the incident.

It is common in Yemen to let daughters from poor families to marry even at a very young age. Parents opt to this catastrophic choice to lessen expense in bringing up their children and to use the money from the dowry given to the girl.

It is an awful picture of poverty domino effect. This situation became worse because the life of a poor girl was put into waste. Youth is the hope of nation, but how can it be possible if occurrences like this can't be avoided. Parents should be responsible for the welfare of their kids. It is a must for them to be prepared in all aspects, before even thinking of building a family. :)

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