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Master of All Hokages Who was Seen Dating Gorgeous Girls Now Viral on Social Media!

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These are alarming pictures that circulating now on social media. The guy in the pictures together with different young girls, he is Mr. Ryan Yap. This guy was trying to get girls in ages 10 to 15 years old to make an adult activity with him.

This pervert man’s modus is to chat with numerous young girls through Facebook and meet them in person. He will try to convince girls by asking to have swimming, dinner, clubbing and many other fascinating things that will surely persuade them to join him. But of course! Everything to him has something in exchange and that is their young body.

Parents are advised to always monitor their children, especially their young girls. Avoid this man as much as possible. There are many reports now that this guy is just forcing to do such malicious thing with him and it turned out to rape case.

Source: Manila Channel


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