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Man Just Wanted a Massage for $300.. But What Happened Cost Him his Rolex Worth $35,000!

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A Las Vegas woman hired to give a man a $300 massage allegedly snatched his $35,000 Rolex and buried inside her. Christina Lafave, 25, is accused of stealing a watch belonging to Kenneth Herold while giving him a massage at his room in the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel. The case came to light now because Lafave’s attorney, Chris Rasmussen, believes the watch was found in an illegal search-and-seizure and should not be admitted in court.

Kenneth Herold, 66, told police he met the suspect at a hotel bar. Short time later, she offered that she did “Private Massage” for $300, according to the arrest report. Herold paid her and they both went to his room. At one point, Lafave allegedly suggested Herold to remove his watch so that she could easily massage his arms. Although Herold tried to keep the Rolex in sight, he told detectives that he noticed the Rolex was missing about five to seven minutes later.

The alleged victim then called hotel security, which quickly came to the room. Lafaye became argumentative with the security staff and tried to push her way out of the room. She was placed in handcuffs and taken to the Wynn security office. When Las Vegas police arrived, they informed Lafave of her rights and she waived her right to speak to an attorney before questioning. Watch this video and see the report:

Lafaye told detectives that Herold became upset because she would not perform oral intercourse without a condom. Herold’s room was thoroughly searched, but the watch could not be found. 

According to the arrest report, Lafave eventually admitted she hid the watch in her vagina. Officials got a search warrant and took Lafave to a local hospital. An x-ray revealed that the watch was indeed inside her and medical staff removed the Rolex while an officer witnessed the exam.

Source: Discovery Life


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