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LOOK: A 22-Year-Old Aspiring Model Becomes the Victim of a Rape-Slay After a Photographer Scammed Her!

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Cheng Yu, a 24-year old Taiwanese man and Liang Ssu-Hui, his 22-year old girlfriend have been held incommunicado over the death of Naomi Chen, a 22-year old aspiring model who was raped and murdered, according to a Taipei court.

The Taiwanese man claimed to be a photographer and invited the aspiring model through his girlfriend to a photoshoot in an abandoned shopping mall in Taipei. 
After the incident, Cheng took Naomi’s valuables and disposed of her body in the underground car park of the abandoned mall.  Cheng and his girlfriend fled, and go shopping. Then, they checked into a five-star hotel using the aspirant model's stolen credit card. Cheng even gave the deceased's watch as a gift to his girlfriend.

Cameras at the hotel where the couple checked in caught the serial offender Cheng is discarding Naomi's smartphone, which led to their arrest by police as they were about to leave.

According to the court, the Taiwanese man admitted to murdering Naomi but did not sexually assaulted her, however, the police officers brought up evidence that the victim’s body had been undressed and her underwear was discovered a distance away, only then Cheng admitted to having raped the victim.

Meanwhile, Liang who was the prime suspect behind the rape and murder of her beautiful model friend, was released by police from detention. Footage found by the police showed Liang had not left the house at the time,  and the woman wearing a wool beanie that originally was believed to be her accompanying Cheng at the crime scene, was in fact a resident of the building where the murder took place and is not currently under suspicion.

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