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Live Maggots Found In Juicy 'Lechon Manok'!

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When all of the people in your home are too lazy to cook and lunch time is about to come, one thing came immediately into your mind. 

A grilled chicken takeout (lechon manok) will pop up and will save the day! Some of the Filipino “lechon manok” which are very popular to all is Baliwag, Andoks, Sr. Pedro and many more. Aside from its juicy and tender pieces, it is also very affordable and could satisfy your whole family.

When Roper Perez, a Facebook user, planned to savor the juicy-luscious Andok’s for him and the whole gang, he wasn’t expecting to have some uninvited guests. 

They began to tuck into their food, but were greeted with an unappetizing smell and unfortunately something is moving. As posted on his Facebook timeline, Roper captures live maggots in all parts of the chicken. He discovered a cluster of maggots upon closer inspection, and the chicken appeared to only be partially cooked.

Watch and see for yourself! Happy Eating!

Posted by Roper Perez on Saturday, March 26, 2016

Source: Roper Perez 


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