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Hot and Drunk Ellen Adarna Singing 'Torete' Trends on Social Media! Find Out Why!

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One of the hottest stars of ABS-CBN Ellen Adarna is now giving knocks the attentions of many Netizen again. Just recently, Ellen updated her Instagram video with her sizzling hot singing moment of “Torete” wearing seductive shorts and sando.

The video immediately spread online and it gains a lot of good and bad comments. The video shows that she is enjoying her drink while singing this song. People’s negative reaction was coming from her clothes.   

But, there are still some guys who definitely like her strong attitude that makes her beauty boost. There are also some people claim that it is better if she just do it all the way so she don’t have to make an effort in thinking of what she should wear.
A video posted by Ellen Adarna (@maria.elena.adarna) on

Source: TNP


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