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He Tried to Scare His Parents Inside Their Bedroom.. But What He Saw is More Terrifying!

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We seldom see disturbing stories and films on the internet, but when we do, it really haunts us in our sleep for several days or it could traumatize us just like this short film.

This video was made by an American short film production entitled "To My Mother and Father", starring Marcus Webb, Anna Malmkjaer, Jacob Farmer directed by Can Evrenol.

Screenshot from: Viddsee
The plot is when Jimmy was left alone in his house, he discovered an old mask and decides to scare his parents upon their arrival home.

Screenshot from: Viddsee
Hiding in their bedroom closet, he could not expect what he would see the terror that would overtake their lives.
Screenshot from: Viddsee
Sometimes, things happen in parents’ bedrooms that are not for children to see. He bears witness to a different side of mum and dad, a traumatizing sight that he can barely understand.

Screenshot from: Viddsee
A different side of him surfaces after seeing his parents doing what should not be done in front of the children. 

Watch this video from Viddsee and witness how disturbing this horror film is.

Source: Viddsee Buzz


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