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Harmful Effects of Make Up that People Ignores Even if it is Very Dangerous!

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Modern girls nowadays are very particular in applying make-up and any beauty products on their faces. They couldn’t resist their temptation in buying skin moisturizer, facial creams, lipstick, eye shadows, foundations, eyebrow liners and any other eye liners.

But! They don’t really know what these things can cause their skin. There are many products that could give harmful effects on your skin. These are the list of negative things that could happen in your face when you apply make-up frequently.

1. Bad for the eyes and near areas.

Wrinkles can occur around your eyes
  We know for the fact that foundations are very important when applying make-up but it’s also a reason why the skin from this area sagged and crumpled. Eyes have a very sensitive and most thin layer skin is in this area. Better not to apply a lot of product in here because chemicals from the product can easily damage this area.

Losing Eyelashes
Applying mascara and any other eye product could damage the root of the eyelashes which they could easily detach and delay its growth.

Eye Infection
Products can also carry bacteria and other unwanted organism which are not visible from the eye, especially when product needs to wet. The result can cause redness of the eyes, itchiness, or even cyst.

2. Aging

Skin Dehydration
           Make-up has an ingredient that can cause the face to dry, rough and look dull which affects the young cells of the face.

Damaging skin collagen
            Collagen is a protein that can hold the human skin in its finest or younger look, but as the time past and aging is coming the tissue become weak and slower the process of producing natural collagen. Make-up can destroy the natural cells which are helping to smoothen the skin.

Saggy skin
        When make-up already damaged the skin, the appearance of it will become saggy. The young cell that provides the bloom for the skin will no longer working and it will start to break and fall down.

3. Other Bad Effects

Dry and darker lips
        Breakage of the cell from the lips will occur only if the good cell was already dead. Skin from it will become dry and darker. Lipstick contains led material which really burns the skin.

Skin Cancer
      Once the control of the natural cells ends the tissue will become weak, and the opportunity of the infections and bacteria can easily entry the blood of the skin and damage it, and for that case the skin can no longer fight and end up to cancer.

Source: StethNews

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