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Extreme Dance Performance Wows Audience From the Start Till the End!

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When technology joins artistry, insane choreography with beautiful girls then it all combines into one masterpiece. W4D, the group proposed a superb interactive choreography in the issue of jury "Thailand's Got Talent."

In the program "Thailand's Got Talent", board members amazed by a fabulous interactive choreography called W4D group. Using video mapping process, the dancers of the Thai group, interact with the light projected on a screen that is placed in the background. The choreography then gives the effect perfectly with the images projected on the curtain.  It is an outstanding idea which allowed the troupe to move to the semi-final for the 4th season of the competition.

Not just the judges but also all of the viewers of Thailand Got Talent are very proud and stunned to the performance of W4D. They are one of the chosen few that will show to the world that Asia is a rich country not only on the natural resources but also on their people. Take a look on performance of girls' dance group W4D on Thailand's Got Talent show.

Posted by Viral 4 Real on Monday, February 22, 2016

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