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Exposé: Grace Poe Owned a Luxurious Mansion in the US

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Even before the election period, politicians started to throw mud and trash to each other in an attempt to destroy the antagonist's credibility. There are issues about allegedly ill-gotten wealth, falsification of citizenship and unlawful killings, especially in the most coveted position which is the presidential seat. There are five candidates running for this rank, among them, Grace Poe is one of the strongest when it comes to probability of winning based on surveys. She made surprising mark as she ranked first in the May 2013 senatorial elections. That's why she is really vulnerable to controversies.

Aside from the citizenship issue that reached Supreme Court, news about her allegedly owning an extravagant mansion in the US has been circulating. According to (OSI), they have a proof that Poe owned a 322-square meter house, located at 2809 Winter Oaks Way, Herndon, amidst the metropolitan area of Washington DC.

Stated on the OSI report, the said house is a two storey mansion with 9 bedrooms and 2 parking spaces. The whole lot property is measured 1,000 square meters, as identified in the said news report.

One of the platforms of Poe is to lessen the poverty rate. She even claimed that she lived a normal life in the United States and she has been empathizing the marginalized sector. If these are all campaign gimmicks then it's useless. If these allegations are true then she has to prove her intentions of running. Filipinos are exhausted about traditional politicians who are corrupt, dishonest and opportunist. This site is very much open to the side of Senator Poe with regard to this issue.

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Source: OSI


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