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Curious What Sperm Cells Look Like Under a Microscope? Then Be Sure to Watch This Scientific Video!

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Regardless of whether or not you think it’s gross, male semen plays a vital role to human reproduction. 

As we all know, semen is the organic fluid that usually contains spermatozoa or sperm cells. 

You’ve probably seen pictures in your high school textbooks of what the sperm cell looks like. 

But have you ever been curious to see what it looks like under the microscope alive?

The Facebook page Daily Med & Surg recently uploaded a series of three photos and a video showing what goes on in the microscopic world of these cells.
Watch the crazy sights of a man’s baby maker here!

Fascinating stuff! They really do look like microscopic tadpoles.

Netizens who saw the video and pictures of the bodily fluid couldn’t help but share their nasty and/or funny comments.

Watch the crazy sights of a man’s baby maker here!

The video itself has received over 6,579,782 Views, 9.1K reactions and 4.3K shares on Facebook!

What did you think of this crazy video and 3 pictures? 

Nasty? Funny? Interesting? 

Let us hear your thoughts over in the comments section!

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