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Controversial: Maria Ozawa Admits Having One Night Stand With Cesar Montano On Air?

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Maria Ozawa, a former Japanese adult video actress made a shocking disclosure after admitting on air that she slept with her Nilalang co-star Cesar Montano last year. In an interview with Mo Twister on Good Times With Mo segment, Ozawa was asked if she had sex with the co-star.

“How many times did you have sex with Cesar Montano? I really have a feeling you did,” Mo asked calmly.

Maria Ozawa, who was unmistakably startled by the mos line of questioning, attempted to avoid the topic by laughing it off, which provoked the radio host to conclude that she had indeed hooked up with Montano. "Two times, huh?" assumed Mo but Ozawa clarified with: “No, one.”

Ozawa revealed that the one-night stand “just happened” and that it happened before they filmed their movie Nilalang. She added that there was currently nothing between her and Cesar Montano and their one-night stand was simply “saying hello sex.”

It was recalled last September, Montano replaced Robin Padilla as Ozawa’s leading man for the Metro Manila Film Festival entry. The FHM cover girl also declared in several interviews that she was single and was looking forward to the possibility of falling in love with a Filipino.

Source: Manila Coconuts


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