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Coleen Garcia is Wet and Wild in a Sizzling Photoshoot

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A video of actress Coleen Garcia was released as part of her most recent project with a magazine. The concept of it is so sexy and really reflects the sizzling but classy look of Coleen.

In a separate interview, Garcia shared one of her secrets in maintaining her youthful skin. She mentioned about drinking water first in the morning to replenish lost body fluid during sleep. She also recalled how she transformed from being "very laid-back" to what she is now. “I had a lot of pimples before. It was until I found the products that really worked for me… Growing up, I’ve always been very laid-back. When I’m at home, I wear basketball shorts and loose t-shirts coming from my brothers,” she said. Aside from that, she stated, “When I would go to school before, I wouldn’t even brush my hair. And everybody saw me as that girl, that girl who didn’t really care.”

Her transformation happened when she attended the prom. According to her, “Then when prom came, I wanted to try something different, to really look my best and everything,” she recalled. “I really felt that wow… I had a lot of advice from many different people.”

The 'Pasion de Amor' actress really has the face and the body to keep an eye for. Despite her flaunting a naughty and sexy image, she stays genuine of herself and maintains her true persona. “You know, every time I hear people who just tell me to always be myself, it really matters. It really reminds me all the time that the best thing I could do in my life is to just really be myself and everything else will follow,” she mentioned.

Watch her smoking hot video for Preview magazine:

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Source: ChosenTrends


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