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Child Falls from 5th Floor Balcony... But What the Neighbor Did Really is Heroic!

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In the nick of time, dozens of quick-thinking residents of a Dongguan residential district teamed up to save a 1-year-old boy who fell from the balcony outside of a 5th floor apartment. According to Ifeng News, the incident took place at around 3 p.m. when one resident spotted the boy and started shouting for help.

"I was just relaxing on the first floor when I heard a child's cry," Mrs. Xu recalled. "I raised my head and saw a boy sitting on the fifth floor balcony, with one leg stretched out over the edge."

She instantaneously rushed into her home and took a quilt off her bed in the hopes of catching the toddler in case he continues to fall. After hearing Xu's help, nine other neighbors also fetched quilts from their homes and unfolded them outside. As police were trying to force the door of the balcony open, the boy suddenly fell from the fifth floor, fortunately right into the quilts prepared by the neighbors.

The child was rushed immediately to the hospital, but suffered no injuries. The boy's grandmother told reporters that she had been playing with the toddler out on the balcony. Somehow, the boy had managed to push his grandmother away and accidentally lock the door of the balcony, before climbing out onto the ledge. Afterward, she thanked her neighbors and promised to keep a closer watch of her grandchild in the future.

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  1. Toddler managed to push his grandmother away? and locked the door of the balcony? What the...! Can a toddler really manage to do that? THAT'S BALONEY!!!!!!!!!!!




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