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Caught on Cam: Teacher Sexually Abused His Awful Student in Broad Daylight!

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People's Daily Online – an incident was reported around noon time on March 28 at the Taiping High School in Lingshan County. Shocking photos have been posted by an undressed high school teacher in Guangxi province trying to sexually abuse a female student on the said campus. 

Teachers immediately get involved and managed to free the girl student from the 30-year-old male teacher, people called Huo. The abused victim reportedly suffered no injuries.

Image Credit: Daily Mail
The photos show the man grabbing the girl from behind and pushing her against the wall in broad daylight, leaving employees and students stun on their own feet. 

Image Credit: Daily Mail
The Publicity Department of Lingshan County released a statement today confirming that Huo has a suspected mental illness and works in the laboratories of the school.
Image Credit: Daily Mail
The school decided Huo to be based in the laboratory and said he would not be allowed to teach classes. And for the past five years, he has performed well in his role. After the incident, faculty members immediately called the police and informed Huo’s family who took him to the hospital for treatment.

Source: Daily Mail


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