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Breathtaking Scenes of People Being Saved Before Falling to Death!

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This video is a compilation of many cases wherein people attempted to jump from a building and a witness that serve as a hero.

Because of the stress given by our society nowadays, people tend to commit suicide as they see it a solution to their problems. Most of the people who attempted to end their life are girls.

According to the study, ladies have a very sensitive person, their uses most of their brain cells into thinking unreliable belief based on observations that is why they engage doing this thing.

There is also a case in this video that the girl tried to jump off the building due to her love life problem; she was caught by her boyfriend cheating with another guy in one town of Brazil, with so much stress she decided to end her life. Luckily, there is the hero of the scene that saves her life. It also contains the braveness of some witness who tried their best to catch some innocent kids falling from a building.

Watch how unbelievable this video is. Ready yourself for the breathtaking scene.

Source: Viral Express


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