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Best Home Remedies to Cure Insomnia!

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It is pretty much usual for most of us to have trouble sleeping whenever we think something stressful or get excited in some event. But if sleep problems are a regular occurrence and interfere with your daily life, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder.

Well, here are the best ways to cure your Insomnia, you just have to follow these simple home remedies!

Prioritize Sleeping- Don’t roll your eyes. If you want a better night’s sleep, you have to get serious about it. Need convincing? A study found that when you’re short of sleeping, you’re also more likely to overreact to minor incidents, feel stressed out, and blow your top. Even worse, your physical health takes a hit, too.

Avoid Afternoon Coffees- After seven hours, much of the stimulant will be gone from your system, depending on your sensitivity to it—but 25% of it could still be there. “It can also increase nighttime urination and otherwise adversely impact your sleep

Exercise More- One study found that insomniacs who picked up a regular exercise routine slept better, felt less depressed, and had more energy all day.
Get it on before Bedtime! - After intercourse, men’s bodies flood with prolactin, a hormone that is also naturally higher during sleep. It’s likely that the hormone release during orgasm causes men to feel sleepy. Add to that hormone soup oxytocin or popularly known as the cuddle hormone, and which is also associated with sleep—and it’s no wonder he’s snoring within minutes. But he’s not alone! Women produce more oxytocin than do men—which can be a recipe for a good night’s sleep for you, too.

Smell Roses Just Like in the Movies-This can be done on its own or with aromatherapy oils. Just sprinkle four or five drops on a bathroom tissue and hold it to your nose, taking 10 to 15 deep breaths. If you’re upset about something, reach for some organic essential oils with high concentrations of lavender, according to sir Hope Gillerman, a certified aromatic healer.

Source: Prevention


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