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Attempted Suicide Inside Ayala Mall Caught on Cam..See How it Ends!

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Another video of attempted suicide surfaced the internet after a man suddenly stepped up to the edge of the glass rails in Ayala Mall Cebu City. This incident occurred last March 20, 2016 which still bother the minds of the witnesses.

In the video, the rescuers that was sent to the scenario tried negotiating with the man who attempts to jump off the second floor of the building, to ease the tension and calm him down. But as the man in uniform started walking towards him, he let himself go to make a free fall and drop to the ground.

But luckily, the rescuer has good reflexes that he managed to pull him out of the danger. The man is now in the hands of the local security, and investigations have started to find out the cause of the man's suicide attempt.

We've seen lots of incident which has the same scenario but successfully committed. Hopefully this will be the last of its kind as it teaches no moral lesson to those who suffers depression.

Source: Daily Cosmic Feed


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