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Alodia Will Teach Us How to Look Like Gogo of Big Hero 6 with These Simple Tips!

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Big hero six famous Disney character GoGo Tomago is known for her pretty cute style and very brave look. Last time, one of the famous cosplayer girls in the Philippines Alodia Gosiengfiao tries to add to her collection the character of GoGo.

She made hair and makeup tutorial video for all her fans so they could also copy it if they need it. She just showed the simplest way of applying the makeup which really defines the character of GoGo.

Her video became famous after numerous shares and like on YouTube that she received from the viewers. The video now reached almost seven million views.

Some of the viewers claim that she is way more beautiful than any other cartoon character or anime sweethearts. Alodia is one of the best cosplayer in the Philippines as she awarded in many cosplay events, and her creativity really fits the amazing charm that she has which definitely a talent.

Source: Alodia Gosiengfiao


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