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A Man Forced This Woman To Walk Naked Around Streets After Caught Sleeping With Someone's Husband!

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Stories of infidelity and betrayal litter the internet (and in society, generally) but when these adulterers are forced to face their punishment, it’s a totally different story altogether. 

People are now placed in two sides-—whether you will sympathize with the one being shamed, or side with the one who’s been betrayed. 

In the case of this woman, it appeared as if people were leaning more to her side. In fact, one of the captions included in the video was: “The psychological trauma must be huge. This is a very harsh thing.”

It was uploaded on YouTube by ‘DAILY NEWS’ and according to them, the woman was forced to walk half-naked because she slept with a man who is not her husband. It initially made its way to Chinese social media before it was featured on ‘LiveLeak,’ a British video-sharing site. 

The caption added that the walk resembled the infamous “shame walk” as seen in the popular HBO show ‘Game of Thrones,’ where Lena Headey’s character was forced to walk the streets naked in order to atone for her sins.

The video uploaded has already received 33,698 views as of this writing since February 2017

It showed the woman walking d in the streets with only a black bra and a handbag by her side. Her hands, meanwhile, covered her private area below.

See the whole video for yourself: 

What do you think? Do you think she deserved it? Or was she embarrassed or violated?

Source: LF 

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