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8-Month-Old Filipino Baby Passed Away After Accidentally Swallowed A Bottle Cap! Heartbreaking!

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This is a devastating story that broke the heart of every Filipino netizen. Rhea Jane, an 8-month-old baby accidentally swallowed the cap of a soda bottle. 

Rhea Jane’s mother said that the incident took place when Rhea Jane was in her stroller. Her grandmother was looking after the baby while the mother was trying to get some sleep.

Unfortunately, a 1-liter soda bottle and the bottle cap was near the baby’s stroller.  The grandmother’s theory was that the baby was able to reach the bottle cap and then swallowed it.

The Mother immediately woke up when she heard the cry of the baby. They were able to pull out the bottle cap, however, it was too late.

Doctors said that Rhea Jane was deprived of oxygen, which became the cause of her passing.

According to the mother, Rhea Jane was an energetic baby that gave them joy. She was also an only child and was a great blessing to the family.

Netizens who have known her story offered prayers for the baby and her family. They also encouraged parents to always be aware of their baby's actions.

A commenter said, "[Nakakalungkot] naman. Doble pagbabantay talaga sa mga may mga [baby] pa kase kakulitan ang ganyang age.”

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